Airsequel’s SQL workbench lets you execute arbitrary SQL queries on your SQLite database.
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As seen in the screenshot above, airsequel provides OpenAI integration for query generation. Moreover, you can work on multiple queries simultaneously by creating multiple tabs:
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As seen in the pictures above, the query can be saved as a new or existing view using the buttons on the bottom right. By default, the view will now appear in the “tables” tab, but a special “views” tab can be enabled in the settings:
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Check out the pricing page for all limitations of the Free edition.

Extra Types for SQLite

In order to support more elaborate types than just the basic SQL types, we came up with a specification on how to extend SQLite with extra datatypes in a standard conformant way.
The basic idea is to use suffixes like e.g. TEXT_EMAIL to specify more refined types. Since SQLite’s type affinity will treat this as a TEXT column, it works in a backwards compatible way.
For more details check out the full specification in following repo: github.com/Airsequel/SQLite-Extra-Types
When editing entries via the GUI, Airsequel will provide specialized input fields for the given type. For instance, “color” columns can be edited using a color picker:
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Interactive Editing

Airsequel provides comprehensive interactive editing capabilities. The most common operations are presented in the list below:
Change the name or description of a database
Create a table
Rename / Delete / Export a table
Change table description
Create a column
Delete / Rename / Hide (collapse) column
Set all entries of column to the default value
Reorder columns
Delete an arbitrary set of rows
Create a row
Edit a cell


The SQL API is only available in the Enterprise Edition.
curl \ --data '{ "query": "select name, height_in_cm from characters" }' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ http://localhost:4185/dbs/avatar_characters/sql
{ "rows": [ { "name": "Aang", "height_in_cm": 137 }, { "name": "Katara", "height_in_cm": 145 } ], "runtime": { "real": 0.000, "user": 0.000214, "sys": 0.000090 } }

Useful SQL Snippets


Rename a column
Count lines of text in a column
Check if all values in a group are the same
Get ISO 8601 timestamp with millisecond precision
Create table with an automatically set timestamp column
Select all rows of a table except the first one
Only update value if it’s not NULL


Extract value from JSON object
Merge a column of JSON objects


Generate a table with numbers from 1 to 10
Generate a table random_data with x rows of random entries
Add a “row number” column (starting from 1)


Split a multiline cell into one line per row
Get the last NOT NULL value in a group
Automatically set a random id after inserting a row
Convert table of cumulative values to delta values

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