This document lists all notable changes to the functionality of Airsequel.
Our version numbers are based on the Haskell package versioning policy.

2022-12-16 - v0.4.0.1

  • Handle columns with double quotes in their name correctly
  • Show number of filled cells in delete column dialog
  • Show correct version number via status API endpoint
  • Show spinner while SQL query is executing

2022-12-12 - v0.4

  • Edit database schema via UI
    • Button on landing page to create new database from scratch
    • Support adding, renaming and deleting tables
      • Image without caption
    • Support adding, renaming, and deleting columns
    • Support renaming a database
  • Allow SQL write queries in Free edition
  • Add dashboards with 3 chart types
    • Bar charts
    • Line charts
    • Single value
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  • Improve spreadsheet UI
    • Add new column type “single-select”
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    • Collapsible columns for better overview in big tables
      • Image without caption
    • Automatically picks unused rowid name (one of rowid, _rowid_, or oid)
  • Improve SQL editor
    • Add button to create a view from executed query
    • Show documentation for SQLite functions
    • Replace tab character in SQL query editor with 2 spaces
    • Allow more functions and prevent executing unavailable functions
  • New database settings page
    • Add environment setting and show badge next to Airsequel logo with current environment
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    • Add button to regenerate the database ID
  • Confirmation dialog for all destructive actions
  • Better error handling and error popups
  • Wrap table column tabs

2022-10-13 - v0.3.1

  • Add titles to buttons in focus view toolbar
  • Treat unknown data types per default as text
  • Add trial information to pricing page

2022-10-12 - v0.3

  • Add tab to execute SQL queries (read-only in Free edition)
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  • Add dedicated GraphiQL (v2) tab for exploring the GraphQL API
  • Numerous improvements for spreadsheet GUI
    • Add support for Booleans
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    • Increase / decrease numbers with arrow up / down
    • Load only active table
    • New icons
    • Make views read-only
    • Toolbar for focus view (previous, next, delete, export as JSON, send via email)
    • Better handling of edits, errors, and edge cases
  • Display available columns of tables/views on database overview page
  • Improvements for GraphQL API
    • Extend equality filter to work on all data types
    • Add missing introspections results
    • Support column names with spaces
  • Fix import of small CSV files
  • Add a screenshot to landing page and improve slogan
  • Upgrade SQLite to 3.38.5


  • Fast deployment of Airsequel Enterprise demo instances via (Contact us if you’re interested!)


  • Tutorial on how to write a simple Todo app with Lowdefy at


  • Allow special characters in import file name
  • Fix GUI issues in Firefox

2022-07-28 - v0.2 (Public Beta)

  • Add spreadsheet GUI to edit data in tables
    • Focus view to edit one row at a time
    • Multiline text cells
    • Export cell content as a file
    • Set cells to NULL or empty string
    • Add new rows and delete existing rows
  • Support upload of CSV files
  • Make GraphQL API fully compliant with official spec
    • Return number of affected rows after any mutation
  • Build an Elm SPA frontend for better responsiveness
  • Add action buttons to overview page (Download / Duplicate / Replace / Delete database)
  • Validate uploaded SQLite databases
  • Limit upload file size of free version to 5 MB
  • Extend documentation and move it to Notion
  • Add endpoint “api/status” for monitoring
  • Show hosting location of database on overview page

2022-02-27 - v0.1 (Private Beta)

  • Automatically create a simple GraphQL API for uploaded databases
    • Including a read-only endpoint for each database
  • Support for GraphQL introspection
  • Simple overview page for hosted databases
    • Support for downloading the database
    • Playground page to try out GraphQL queries
  • Store an additional metadata database for each user database
  • Example database with all characters from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”
  • Minimal documentation
    • How to use GraphQL API
    • How to write a simple todo app with Elm
  • Set up several social media accounts

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